• CK-12 / Dare to Learn

    Strategy / Copy / Design

    CK-12, an online platform specializing in STEM education was not resonating with its student users. The main issue: education system hasn’t adapted from the "Industrial Age" to educate the kind of learners and future leaders needed in the "Connective Age". As a result, students are testing poorly, their engagement is declining and they’re increasingly not asking questions. Based on our team's research, we deduced the number one barrier for student learning is fear. 
  • Solution
    We imagined a place where students could take the first brave step to overcoming their fears by championing mistakes, asking questions and never giving up. We crafted a positioning statement that was a cheeky invitation for the brave, curious, and ambitious student. We envisioned CK-12 as a place where students could "dare to learn" and crafted our strategic positioning around the brand pillars of courage, passion and persistence. 
  • To linguistically support CK-12's new positioning, we thought about what a daring student, teacher, administration and parent audience would value.
  • Completing an audit of the competitive landscape, it was evident we needed to craft a visual narrative that was personal, engaging and emotionally resonant. 
  • Looking at the existing website, it was clear we needed to implement a dynamic visual language. The site's user interface lacked communication hierarchy and personality, while the visuals looked dated and anonymous.
  • To visually express CK-12's daring positioning, a new visual and communication style consisting of colour, graphics and photographic elements was created. The combination of expressive graphic elements and fresh photography style features students facing the camera, ready to take on challenges, head on, emphasizing the daring brand spirit.
  • In order for CK-12 to further understand their users, the website landing page asks users to select which audience they identify with and complete a 3-part sign-up: basic information, a dare pact encouraging them to push through when things get tough and a diagnostic test to determine the student's learning style.
  • Depending on the user’s age and grade level, they would see other students of similar age, to allow for a more personal experience and language that changes for each student age range.
  • If a student gets a question wrong, or is having difficulty for a period of time, pop-up support chat bubbles will empower and assist students in moving forward.
  • Honors Program project in collaboration with Farida Leheta, Allison Mussoline, Hilal Ozkaya and Memoli Ward. Project was assisted by Dr. Tom Guarriello, Mark Kingsley of COLLINS and Kenna Kay at the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding Program in NYC.