• A short film about our only home, Earth.
    Home is a personal work I wanted to share for a long time. We often forget to see the world as is and instead see it through our individualistic filters. I want to remind myself and people around me that we are on this wonderful, mysterious Earth together to cherish one another.

    Art Direction - Abigail Kim
    Design/Animation - Abigail Kim
    Instructor-Hyesung Park
    Music - Terry Devine-King

    When you look from a far distance, the earth is nothing more than an insignificant small dust, 
    not much different from others.
    But not for us. 
    On it, everyone we love, everyone we know, and every different mankind,
    Countless ideas, beliefs, convictions, theories, traditions, and ethics, live here. 
    And yet, our abstract vanities over others and the fantasies we have in mind is indeed,
    Challenged by this fragile, diminishing bit of the universe.
    We all know that the earth is the only place to harbor life. 
    There is nowhere else we can settle on amongst the thousands of stars. 
    Travel, sure. 
    Stay? Not yet.
    To me, it emphasizes that we are responsible for acting kindheartedly to others, 
    And to preserve and appreciate what we have in this magnificent tiny dust, 
    our only home to embrace us.