• TKIVILI - 5th scream
    In my language (Georgian) the word “Scream” translates as “kivili” (კივილი). I called this artwork “T-kivili” (ტკივილი), which means "pain". I decided this because I see this negative emotion while watching to the Munch composition.
     I’ve felt myself strangely when I was drawing this work. It’s very mystical to feel that you paint with the brush, which was used by Munch. I was sliding Wacom’s pen and for a second I felt that I was Edward. Shortly, It's a little bit strange (I think another artists will understand me).  When I was working on this picture, I understood why Munch drew this picture so many time. It’s difficult to catch and deliver the emotion, which comes when you feel time, space and environment.
    I see that the character of the Munch is bound up with the pain of nature. It seems that borders erase between him and nature, seems that he wants to get out from these feelings, but opposite he getting stuck in these emotions and dragging people away with him. I wanted to show better the merging of borders with character of artwork, so I made more emphasis on emotion and aura.
    We are living and often do this mechanically - with inertion. We do not ask questions - Who we really are ? Where are we ? What is the function of us ?  Who knows, if we will think about this seriously, to feel the second, to understand that we are here and now – maybe we will also feel that pain and scream of nature.
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