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    Appalucci is a project about displacement; to go somewhere I'd never been and learn from what I saw there.

    This project features the beautiful “Children of the Mountains” in their natural surroundings but wearing one piece of clothing or accessory displaced from its home and transported to a very different place. At the outset the concept was "loose." I knew that the children, whoever they were, wherever I found them, would be the ones to shape the project.

    Designer clothing and accessories were donated by friends I know from the Upper East Side in Manhattan. They then were taken to Stinking Creek Hollow, KY — October/November 2009 — and given to various children to wear as they saw fit during a portrait "session," and then keep and do with as they please.*

    My goal is to return in the Winter of 2013-2014, the Spring of 2014 and Finish the project that summer.

    NOW ACCEPTING CLOTHING DONATIONS  |  Don't need much, just one piece from abt 10 people every visit!*

    To be continued...
    Please also read:
    *also note that many give/have given non-designer clothes for me just to hand out to the families I meet and work with in Appalacha. The children were really appreciative of this—going through my "extra" box was like christmas all over. 
    Sharing is fun. ;-)