• Gladiator - Echoes in Eternity
    'Soldiers of Fourtune' - Group Show at Hero Complex Gallery

    As a part of the group show 'Soldiers of Fourtune', I created a poster for the Ridley Scott classic 'Gladiator', starring Russell Crowe. My main inspiration for the film was the quote by Crowe's character Maximus, "What we do in life, echoes in eternity". I decided to run with this theme an illustrate the gladiator in a timeless way, being that of ancient Roman statues, cracked, eroded and yet still standing strong. Here we see Maximus, surrounded by roses celebrating a gladiator entering the arena, along with the field of wheat in hues of blue echoing the afterlife in which his family wait for him. 

  • Screenprint Layer Buildup
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