• Project done at School of Visual Arts. The project is based on “Travel Note” by a Korean writer, Lee Byung Ryul and "Time to Leave" by a Korean film artist, Lee Hang Gab. The sound and the narration are from Lee Hang Gab's film.


    Walking on the sunny path or walking on the shady path, Which one do I prefer? That’s how I understood love. The sunny path or the shady one. Always between the two hesitating which one to take with a conflicting mind. I never considered them compatible. Love was in both paths, both paths were mine to take. But why did I feel guilty and anxious seeing how the wind blows on the other side?

    I interpreted the part of the essay as a difficulty of decision in love. I felt coldness and loneliness while reading the essay because it brought back memories of when I hesitated to start new love and was afraid of getting hurts from it. My aim of the project is to deliver the emotion to audience.
  • Mood Board #1
  • Mood Board #2
  • Style Frames