4th Base – Reimagining Sex Education

  • Fourth Base
    MFAD Thesis
  • How was sex education for you? 4th Base is redefining and improving sex education by providing an unbiased and trustworthy platform for young adults to read and share stories about sex and sexuality. At 4th Base we are facilitating a peer-to-peer conversation about sexuality that is reflective of the age we live in.
  • The logo is unpretentious and meant to be seen as inviting. It takes the edge off the topic and at the same time it is easily understood. The name 4th Base isn't necessarily obvious to everyone, but combined with the symbol the topic doesn't need further explanation. It represents all of our nationalities, colours, backgrounds and sexual identities.
  • The illustrations style was chosen for it's adaptability and simpleness. I could make a drawing of anyone with a sharpie, scan it in and colour it in photoshop all within 10 minutes. From the minute a story was sent in to 4th Base it could be published fairly quickly. It also stood out amongst the users' social feeds as most of them feature photography.