No Representation Without Taxation

  • April 15, 2017 thousands of demonstrators joined together
    to tell President Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Hundreds of demonstrators stood in the street at Bryant Park along the Avenue of the Americas.
    The Tax March began at 1p.m. with a performance titled “NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT TAXATION, A Sight GAG by GAG Reflex”
    “The Boston Tea Party returns to life, except this time their demand is “No Representation Without Taxation and to see Donald Trump's returns. The Cheeto Czar can’t be allowed to peddle his agenda of death—ripping away health care, reversing Obama’s progress on climate change, pushing the NRA’s vile Reciprocity bill, and now bombing Syria—without telling how he stands to profit, and who (Putin?) will profit with him.” A quote by videographer Owen Crowley.
  • Mark Leydorf and San Gabriel of GAG Reflex
  • Mark Leydorf with GAG Reflex 
  • Ken Kidd
  • Mark Leydorf with GAG Reflex
  • Mike Hisey  
  • Wayne La Pierre with Mark Leydorf and Ken Kidd
  • Jeff Sessions
  • Kellyanne Conway
  • Steve Bannon
  • V.P. Pence
  • Wayne La Pierre
  • Members of GAG Reflex performing "No Tax Man"
  • GAG Reflex performing "No Tax Man"
  • GAG Reflex performing one of many songs featured are Ken Kidd, Mark Leydorf, 
    Muriel Radicchio, Lou Markert, and San Gabriel.