Design For Good

    SPRING 2017

    “If you could help someone with design as your only tool how would you do it?” is the question that started off this assignment and, with portfolio season approaching us, that was already a conversation I was starting to have with my friends and classmates which sparked the idea for this project: A guide for Sophomores that are about to go through the process for the very first time.

    The goal was simple: help students with advice from people who have already experienced the end of the year madness. When I told my friends about this idea everyone was enthusiastic to offer their advice and help, because we know how intimidated and scared everyone feels. ​​​​​​​
  • A pocket booklet titled "Been There - Done That" was handed out to five Sophomore students with illustrations made in Cinema 4D and each containing a list of printing resources and pieces of advice from 15 students, both in Junior and Senior year, in hopes that they could find some of the information useful and perhaps make the review process easier for them.
  • The second part of the project was to make a book documenting the feedback from the Sophomore students and interviews with Seniors were added as a way to compare how the perspective of the students changes and how much they’ve learned as they’re finishing off their last review at SVA.