• Detroit Lions
    Rebrand 2017

    Upon joining the league in 1934, the Detroit Lions have stayed true to their to classic combination of Honolulu blue and silver. In 2009, for the first time in the team's history, black was introduced and shook up the traditional palette. Looking toward the future, the team aimed to celebrate the past. This rebrand was created to embrace the now as well as refresh the historic Lions' roots.

    With Detroit holding some of the most loyal and deserving fan bases in sports, the team wanted to represent a fresh and iconic look. There's nothing more iconic than the design of the legendary Ford Mustang. The Mustang demonstrates, above all else, what pure concepts, clean design, and consistent vision can achieve. Through the years, design elements morphed and bowed, but never departed from the original directive. The ability to know when to adapt to any given era was, and still is, the key to the success of this mainstay of uncompromising power.

    Same heart, new armor.

    Identity and Helmet Design created for the Detroit Lions
    Uniform Design and Photography by Nike