• Art Direction, Design & Styling:  Irene Fernández   //  Photography: Asher Torres
  • I was born and raised in gorgeous Puerto Rico. As a "Boricua en la Luna" I felt inspired to create NUYORK Magazine, a celebration of Puerto Rican culture and diaspora. A crucial element for this project was collaborating with photographer Asher Torres, who is of Puerto Rican descent. 

    The first feature was inspired by photographer Cindy Sherman’s work. She was able to create a commentary of sorts on women’s role in society by photographing herself in various genres. For this story, I transformed myself into a stereotype that female Puerto Ricans in this country fall under. The second feature is a street style portfolio. We picked up Puerto Ricans on the streets of Loisaida (Lower East Side) and photographed them as a celebration of their colorful style.