Abandoned Sanctuary

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    Website: arnaldoandujar.com 
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    Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/arnaldandujar 
    Abandoned Sanctuary, a place of refuge and safety is now abandoned due to it's construction and left forgotten to time. This project provided a refreshing yet ambitious challenge to not only model a close environment but to texture, light, render and composite an environment to completion. I also wanted to sharpen my craft to include a piece with multiple elements and to keep improving upon my look development skill as an artist. This piece of modeled in Maya, render using Arnold, and composited in Nuke. I'm still trying to become more proficient with my lighting and rendering skills so if you have any critiques about the piece please leave a comment below.
    More render images coming soon!! 
    Textures by Poliigon.com 
    Comment, fav, and critiques are appreciated!