Aladdin - Private Commission

  • Aladdin - Alternative Film Poster
    Private Commission

    I was recently commissioned to complete an alternative movie poster for the Disney classic ‘Aladdin’. The animated movie is a shining light in the Disney Renaissance era of movies, one that is a favourite of mine and is beloved by many. I wanted to capture the spirit of the movie, the love between the two main characters, Aladdin and Jasmine whilst the Genie watches above. A focus in this poster was also the colours, capturing both the vibrant and intense colours of ‘Agrabah’ but romanticising it and giving energy to the clouds.

    "Do you trust me?"
    Based on 'Aladdin'
    24" x 36" 6 Colour Screenprint
  • Detail Shots
  • The Original Concept Sketches
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