Rebrand of a 70-year Old Non-profit

  • Rebranding a 70-year Old Nonprofit
  • Sometimes, a rebrand comes along that’s a true honor to take part in.

    In this case, the opportunity arose when we were chosen to rebrand the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Philadelphia (the UCP being one of the most recognized health nonprofits in the U.S.).

    The rebrand of any organization is important.

    When it’s part of a 70-year tradition, it takes on a new level of significance.

    Part of the rebrand discovery here was fully understanding the depth to which “blurring the lines that divide us” existed in every part of the organizational culture, something I witnessed firsthand during a visit.

    The other facet was acknowledging the potential innate in every person.

    Lastly, there was an important concept to capture: helping each client become as independent as they are capable of being as conveyed here in this excerpt from their brand story we developed (a vitally important step for every brand or rebrand):

  • The next step (after the story) was nailing down the name and the slogan.

    The new name grew organically from the core concept of helping each individual—helping them blossom—and the factor of helping them gain a firm foundation for their lives. 

    The last detail was the fact that they are based in Philadelphia, the home of independence for America.

    Here is the before and the after followed by the developmental documents showing the evolution of this remarkable transformation:
  • Social media header pattern:
  • Color palette: