New Logo Collection

  • Hello , after a long time without uploading any project I decided to return back to my portfolio to re-upload some of my work that I've made on this long time , there are more and more branding projects but i try to choose the best and pick wisely to make a nice logo-folio on this year , this project will be updated with any new logo that i think that it deserved to be watched , so please give me you advice and comment about this work because i'm really looking forward for that .
  • "Flyron" Aqua
    I focused here on the type style in a simple way to give a good looking logo.
  • "FRAPS" Business Solutions
    The company founded at Australia and specialized in business solutions.
  • Green Egypt 
    A company founded on 1960 Specialized on import and export of food needs in Egypt and this logo was THE START OF THEIR Re-Branding
  • Logo 6/6
    If you look at this Logo from the first time you will notice that it's a shape of an eye only , but if you try to focus more , you will discover that Eye brows are two numbers in arabic "6 + 6" 
  • Orabi Golf Supplies Agency Logo Option 2
  • Fancy modern sofa 
    It's a big concept that I'll introduce it in a presentation soon , but you can know that the shape goes for the F and the M "for modern" and the parts of the shape are like a sofa .
  • Orabi Golf Supplies Agency Logo.
  • Creative Talent Center Logo Design.
    the Icon gives a shape of a graduated student but also the face of this student combined from the 3 letters "CTC" witch are the ABBREVIATION of the center name.
  • This is a one of the most complicated logo ideas I've ever designed ! 
    The shape goes like an "Old Tape" inside the tape you will find the word "SHOW" and the number "90" !
  • El Coders Company Logo
    The word coders got an idea of the Geek that wearing eye glasses .
  • Brandak Advertising Agency 
    Arabic Logo 
  • Bariatric Academy Logo .
  • Chrono Nutrition Logo.