MOTION_02: Pixels Festival Opening Titles [ADC GOLD]


    As my school project(School of Visual Arts), I created the opening titles of "Pixels Festival" 
    showing a bunch of hexagon shapes composed of pixels, 
    as they get separated and together moving back and forth 
    based on 3D work by Cinema 4D and After Effect.
    And, the majestic concept and visual of the work show the high dignity of the festival.
    Rendering Time: 7 Days.

    When it comes to the work reference(titles glitch effect), 
    I got inspiration from the original Pixels Festival Opening 
    which was created by Jellycube Studio, and Ricardo Pugin.
    In terms of the title background music(credit), I carefully selected "City of Lonely Ghosts" 
    performed by Segrey Cheremisinov in order to present magnificent atmosphere.
    And, for the logo I used it from the original one made by Pixels Festival.

    Lastly, thanks to my school professors, Jean Marco Ruesta, and Jungin Yun.

  • Thank You for Watching My Work.
    After graduating from my college, School of Visual Arts on May this year, 
    I hope to get a job relevant to motion graphic in the States.

    If you're interested in my work, please feel free to email me,