Universe, architecture and dessert

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  • Material: Chinese herbal jelly(龟苓膏), condensed milk.

    Universe, architecture and dessert系列作品是探讨食物,建筑与宇宙。食物的归宿是人的胃,而人的归宿是宇宙的胃,这三者仿佛连成一线,我们从宇宙万物中吸取自然的启示,从而创造出产品,建筑,艺术,食物,一方面满足自己探索的欲望,同时也对宇宙提供反馈。所以作品中的图像,既象征了宇宙的种种形态,又可用作建筑设计的灵感,甚至自成一件装置艺术品,当然,也可以当点心吃掉。

    They are eatable art installations that are primarily made out of Chinese herbal jelly.

    This series was to give the audiences an experience about "time", "life" and “volatility". Based on the main material - Chinese herbal jelly, which possesses very short term of life of maintaining its perfect, glossy and fragile appearance, it would transform itself gradually through the power of time. A fresh new herbal jelly has a mysterious look, since it is a half-reflective dark object and it’s very vulnerable. It reflects the environment and meanwhile presents distorted image with a depth, where it resembles a black hole that absorbs light.

    The simple, geometric formation of the jelly becomes the inspiration of architecture, product design or dessert making. The intention of the minimal form is to show that different medias can share a common visual language. 

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