• Super Bowl LI
    Identity, NFL Brand

    Super Bowl 51 marked a turning point in the NFL's most iconic visual identity. After coming off its celebratory 50th year, the league desired a new look for its Super Bowl brand. This rebrand would begin with SB51 and carry on throughout the next several seasons. I'm privileged to have been tasked with creating this new system.

    In an effort to streamline the logo, hosting stadiums would no longer be a part of the design. Where previous Super Bowl marks relied on a stadium to differentiate year to year, another identifier would need to take its place. Color became that element. The red representing the passion of the fiery Texas football fans and the pride of the city of Houston. The numerals now play a more prominent role as they sit atop the bar alongside the Lombardi trophy. Since the Super Bowl brand has such high visibility, the design needed to be versatile and reproduce well across all applications.

    The matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots proved to be one of the most historic Super Bowls of all time.

    Creative Direction by Mollie Wilkie
    Animation by NFL Network
    Created for the National Football League