Hair Service.

  • The Kut Shoppe. This customer requested a logo for his new barbershop. He ask to included that the letter K to made out of a comb and blade and for the color to have a gradient shade within the logo. This is the agreed logo that was approved to be print as the shop's identity.
  • Prodaj. This customer requested a logo to be the same as a greek coin. He asked to have the outline of the circle to be made out of sicssors and blades the main idea to was to it appear as pattern that one would see on a old greek coin or image. He also asked for a before and after face of clean and shave man and a bread man¬†(Herclues and Zeus), to be place in the center of the logo. This is the approved image that was finialize.
  • Chop Shop Kutz. This customer requested a logo for their barberhop. They asked for the letter K to be made out of clippers and baldes with the shops initails used as the main identity. Also the logo will printed on the employees t-shirts as part of their uniforms.

  • ¬†Approved style for the employees t-shirts.
  • Dimepiece Hair. The ask for redesign of his pervious logo. The orginial logo was a gradient vector image of a woman that he believe didn't match to his clientel of black women. These are the approved logos he found appealing for his company.
  • Same logo but placed in a coin format as requested by the customer.