What did you do today?

  • "What did you do today?" is Instant Rabbit's 4th project by Hye Jin Chung, Boyeon Choi and Hyunyoung Kim.
    This book is about three rabbits' daily lives shown as a form of picture diary. 
    The first rabbit, Wall Gye-Soo is a telemarketer and loves grocery shopping and jogging in the morning. Her life goal is to buy her own house and lives there with her boyfriend.
    The Second rabbit, Homey loves napping and reading. Her life is full of meditating and daydreaming.
    The third rabbit, Taki loves doing yoga and dog walking. One of her life goals is to get a yoga teaching certification. 

  • -One(black) Color Riso print on three different colours of paper.
    -104 pages
    -Size: 7" x 9.5”

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