• Wandercrunch / Taste the Freedom!

    Strategy / Copy / Design

    Allergy sufferers have limited access to fun, safe, delicious and healthy treats.

    Wandercrunch is a travelling allergy-free cookie caravan delivering mouth-watering flavour, a hint of adventure and a side of funky flare for everyone. Inspired by my own personal allergy struggles and those around me, I decided it was time to inject the fun back into eating dessert.

    In this passion project, I explored the process of developing brand voice, naming and visual identity to bring a product and business to life.
  • The overall look and feel of Wandercrunch was inspired by the #VanLife movement, spirit of the 60s and 70s, serving up a hit of adventure and a bite of funky flare for all to share.
  • In crafting the brand voice for Wandercrunch, the focus was to bring the joy of eating allergy-free food to life while highlighting the playful and quirky personality of the product. Each cookie is presented with a unique and punchy persona adding a flavourful narrative to the brand.
  • Due to the limited accessibility of safe treats at events, I envisioned the Cookie Caravan. Present at art and music festivals or available for special events, the Cookie Caravan delivers the goods and is the ultimate 'gram worthy icon for social media.
  • When considering packaging logistics, the consideration of transportation and preservation of quality led me to create the "Wanderpouch". It was necessary to design something that would protect the cookie from crumbling and keep it fresh since it's preservative free. The "Wanderpouch" is made from recycled products that can be planted or decompose naturally in the garbage.​​​​​​​
  • Wandercrunch embodies the spirit of those who love adventure, freedom of creativity and create tasty, wholesome treats. The slogan "Taste the Freedom" speaks to the joy consumers will experience when enjoying the allergy-free cookies (or drinking the homemade "Wanderpunch").
  • For the adventurous cookie muncher, or shameless breakfast cookie eater, we've got your back! The Cookie Confessional t-shirt and pin collection allows cookie fanatics to proudly profess their deepest, darkest cookie desires. The shirt and pin line were initially designed with the Wandercrunch staff and servers in mind, but would hopefully spread to brand fans who want a piece of the funky swag.​​​​​​​
  • To resonate with both dessert lovers and health-conscious consumers alike, while still epitomize the brand's cheeky humour, the ad campaign had to connote an encouraging and playful tone that was easily sharable on social media.