Canada Portrait

  • Montreal, A city I suppose to stay for just couple days and it turned out to be an unforgettable memory in 2016. These days gave me so much emotion and drama; it felt like having a vigorous relationship. 
    Some says travel alone makes one grow up fast. I thought I had already earned these experiences for the first 5 days, but it actually just a very tiny part of an enormous iceberg. Because of some irresistible facts, I need to live in this strange country for 2 months all of a sudden; everywhere just red lights and alarmed, all the problems just punched me right on the face! How many hours I wanted to escape from this bloody place; but how many moments this city poured me into the bosom quietly, providing me a brand new experience through the dark.
    No matter the people I’d met in ALEXANDRIE or these new friend in OIAF, they were all inspire me, other then inspiration, it’s more like a piece of mirror. I’m full of appreciation and loved, especially these people who helped me when I had a serious hard time; these people who talked and treated me as a friend; these are my redemption when I felt submerge by loneliness. They also remind me of a saying “It’s more obvious to reflect kindness of human while in adverse circumstances” They bought me a birthday cake and sang for me; A stranger I met on street who toured me around and treat me a really nice dinner; when I had a conflict with another director who didn’t speak English in the festival, a graceful old lady who debated for me in French without hesitation. Fortunately, these cherish moments balance all of my anxiety and stress.
    One last thing worth to mention, while the last couple days of staying in Canada. I was staying in a ancient jail where already built and functioned before Canada became a country, the cell could only allow to put one single bed, at night, I closed the gate of my ward, locked up, turned off the light, lying on the bed, gazed at the unlimited extension of infinity darkness, a voice sang into my ears gently: ──Nothing Gonna Hurt You Baby…. Slowly transformed into blurry whispers, echoed in my dream peacefully. 
    Merci Beaucoup Canada!

    蒙特利爾, 這一個我只打算短暫停留的城市,卻成為了我人生2016中最重要的時光,這些日子有太多的戲劇及情緒了,像是談了一段轟轟烈烈的感情,無法忘懷。
    曾聽說,獨自旅行會令一個人快速成長。在計劃內前五天的旅程中,以為自己已經切實地有所體驗,殊不知那只是巨大冰山的一隅。因為一項不可抵抗的因素,必須在這個陌生國家立即展開將近兩個月的生活,所有事情毫不客氣地響起警鈴,面對這些破事兒時,感覺現實一直用正拳重擊自己的臉,正中要害! 有多少個小時恨不得快點離開這個鬼地方;但又有多少個時刻,這個城市正安靜地懷我入懷,在黑暗中給予我全新的體驗。
    無論是Amherst street上Alexandrie裡遇到的旅客同事,或是渥太華影展認識的新朋友,他們都帶給我很多靈感,如果說靈感,倒更像是鏡子,映照出生活裡人生價值觀裡的各種態度。直到最後我對這一切盡是感激,特別是在那些在艱難時刻上前幫助我;陪我聊聊天把我充當好友的人們;那是我當時感到寂莫時的救贖,想起“人總在逆境時更容易體現人性的善”這句話。一群才剛認識不到三天的朋友,卻買了生日蛋糕,替我熱鬧地唱了祝歌;在路上偶然認識的本地人竟熱心地帶我在城裡到處走走,還邀我到家裡做客,;在影展時和一位語言不通的導演起衝突時,用流利法文幫我罵回去的老奶奶,幸好是這些回憶,洽到好處地平衡了當時的不安和壓力。
    值得一提的是,在渥太華住進了一座加拿大建國前已存在的古老監獄,房間是不到一坪只能容納一張單人床的牢房,我把房的鐵閘關上,上鎖,關燈,平躺著,注視著黑暗中無邊際的無限延伸,一把聲音在我耳邊輕柔地吟唱 ───Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby…. 然後變成模糊的回音,安詳地迴盪在我的夢裡。
    Merci Beaucoup Canada!