Oregon Ballet Theatre 2013 season video and stills

  • Oregon Ballet Theatre

    Dramatic dance photographer Andy Batt was the photographic genius behind the OBT Season Brochure from 2003-2012, and has shot the dancers from the wings as well. The relationship between a photographer and a dancer is truly a collaboration, and working with the same subjects for an extended period of time can bring out the best in both artists.

    For the 2012-13 season, Andy worked with many of the dancers to create stills and video of their productions.

    Jordan Kindell in Oregon Ballet Theatre's American Music Festival -Andy created this stunning image of a dancer at the peak of his performance.

    Grace Shibley and Brett Bauer in George Balanchine's Apollo. Andy  captured the action in-studio with his dramatic lighting style

    Xuan Cheng in Christopher Stowell's Swan Lake.

    Alison Roper and Chauncey Parsons in George Balanchine's Prodigal Son.
  • video edited by Patrick Weishampel