Natural Markets

  • Natural Markets
    Identity, Organic Food Brand

    Natural Markets Food Group operates retail food and food service businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada with a focus on organic natural food products. Their simple philosophy of 'Goodness' is achieved by partnering with local farmers and organic suppliers, inspiring customers to make healthier choices, embracing innovative technology, and minimizing their environmental impact.

    The intention of this project was to highlight the strong ties to local farmers and businesses. NMFG is committed to providing an experience that goes beyond their products and believe that customers deserve information on what they are eating, how it was sourced, and how best to prepare it. With each overlapping leaf representing a store that falls under the Natural Markets brand, I wanted to convey a personal, interactive, and approachable mark. From this development grew the formula 'Good Food, that's Good for You, and Good for the Earth.'

    Photography by Ania Murray