DAC-6328 Productions Brand Identity

  • DAC 6328 Productions Brand Identity

    DAC-6328 Productions is the production company of auteur J.D. Karlowich which takes its name from the license plate of his Toyota Corolla. The logo combines a license plate frame with wide screen bars and is set in J.D.'s favorite color.

    This brand identity uses the wide-screen bars throughout for a variety of purposes. Information and images are displayed within the bars and lined up as continuous frames like a film sequence. These sequences often bleed off the edge of items to indicate their movement.

    At the center of this brand identity is the video signature for the opening credits of J.D.'s films. In this sequence J.D. walks to his car in his orange jacket and with his camera bag ready to film. As his father and mentor declares "fade to orange" the sequence follows suit as the logo appears. To align the rest of the brand identity with this sequence the phrase "fade to orange" is then used as the tagline for the brand, appearing on t-shirts and in social media via #FadeToOrange.
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