AYANA Fine Jewelry Branding

  • AYANA Fine Jewelry Branding
    Corporate Identity, Branding, Packaging, Website design

    A new Indian fine jewelry comes to New York. AYANA offers bold and original jewelry statement pieces, with exquisite materials, rich color, finest craftsmanship and innovative design. Their core concept is to inspired by beauty in its most natural form and express creativity and uniqueness of every individuals. 

    The design represent the bold natural in rich detail and thoughtful subtle color to express the high-qulity of craftsmanship. The logo shape was designed to present elegant flower blossom in its natural form. Customized timeless sans-serif typeface with simplified shape of "A". For the colors, I focus on the vibrant colors of true gems while retaining the mystery of the jewelry. The diversity of peach color indicate the natural beauty of AYANA lifestyle.

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