Soccer Camp Lebanon 2016

    I. Situation
    Children and youths are particularly affected by refuge and displacement. As victims and witnesses of violence they can be seriously traumatized. In the current situation, any help for refugees must be both fast and sustainable. Recreational and cultural activities should take place regularly and reliably.
    Through this project a day centering offer is made through the medium, to children, who had fled or are disadvantaged. Starting from immediate experiences during sports activities, larger social issues such as respect, diversity and tolerance are processed and negotiated.
    With local NGOs and prominent support from the German football scene, the Goethe-Institute will gain access to the scattered Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon as well as to deprived Lebanese children and youths, and will draw attention to offers such as football training's and a tournament. Families want education and activities for their children, and after the participation, the children will convey the positive experiences in their families. Therefore children and youths are an important key to open doors in the often insular reality of a refugee life. Besides the sporting component and non-formal learning opportunities, the project also contributes to trauma processing.

    II. Project objectives
    Football training's will be conducted for children and youths throughout Lebanon (Beirut plus four places). The project will promote intercultural and inter religious exchanges in addition to the athletic component. By the social aspect of sportive cooperation and through an accompanying framework program values ​​such as freedom, tolerance and respect for the rights of others are indirectly strengthened. By playing football they can learn how a team works and what means "fair play". Football can develop solidarity and a sense of community among the participants. By creating positive perspectives also prevents radicalization of the youngest of a society.

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