A Zine of Ghosts

  • 魑魅魍魉:
    A Zine of Ghosts
  • In China, every 15th Day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar is called "Ghost Day". On that day the deceased are believed to visit the dead.
    This is a risograph zine.  8 artists contributed to this book telling their own stories about ghosts among us.
  • Left: Wenkai Mao  Right: Lisha Jiang
  • Left: Meatsheep  Right: Qieer Wang
  • Left: Feifei Ruan  Right: Lisha Jiang
  • Amber Ma
  • Left: Feifei Ruan  Right: Qieer Wang
  • Left: Tianhua Mao  Right: Wenkai Mao
  • Mago Huang
  • Tianhua Mao

  • 《魑魅魍魉》第二版众筹已经完成!

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