Ensenada - Photo Series


    Winding along the shoreline is a road that dips south of California’s border and into Mexico vibrant coastal city called Ensenada. The breathtaking oceanscapes draw surfers from the around the world to catch its waves and local fishermen seeking a fresh catch for the day. The opulent landscape slowly fades as you travel inland towards the mountainous desert. Just over the horizon, tightly-knit communities of the impoverished emerge where the phrase “all hands on deck” could never be more true. At the break of dawn until its setting, parents leave the community seeking daily employment, all the while the oldest children forfeit an education to raise their younger siblings. These siblings become parental figures to the youngest in the house until they are old enough to care for themselves. The unfailing resilience that begins in childhood carries onto the next generation. In Ensenada, the bonds within family run deep with a fortitude to make sure all household members are contributing and as well as are provided for.
  • Get involved by donating or joining a team, picking up a paint brush and lumber to build secure housing for families in Ensenada and other regions of Baja California with Yugo (http://www.yugo.org)