Spice Type

  • In short: I hated Spice Girls growing up, years passed and I flipped my mom's records until I suddenly realized how **** amazing and awesome they were. I made typefaces inspired by their personas as a homage to them and girl power. For example by filling condoms with slime and twist the hell out of em.

    Spice Type is a norm-creative typographical project inspired by the five women of Spice Girls. A pop group which for many of my generation was, albeit unconsciously, a portal into the feminist movement. With typography as a tool, I have interpreted the visual expressions of each band members' persona. Aiming to upgrade, reevaluate and emphasize the complexity often lost in the given epithet.

    Spice Type is about challenging and broadening the current norms within typography and typefaces.

    Spice Type is a homage to Girl Power.

  • Spice Type consist of the display faces Sporty Kick Solid, Sporty Kick Stripe, Baby Oh Baby, Ginger Hairs, Scary Barbell Piercing, Posh So Posh and Posh Even Posher.
  • Spreads from Type Specimen Publications
  • Objects created for the exhibition, where the typefaces are either based on the objects or vice versa.