• TALEWIND is the new social network designed to help relatives share, reconstruct and rediscover unconnected pieces of their family history through collaboration. Combining interactions around the family dinner table, talewind creates opportunities for families to have more meaningful conversations through object-based storytelling.
  • HOME PAGE — the public can find the most personal stories on the internet written by the talewind community. All stories are organized by "category", "emotion", "popularity", and "time added".
  • NEWS FEED— Once logged in, the user will be taken to the activity feed page where the user will be able to see the latest activities taking place in the family, organized by time.
  • INSIDE MEMORY CHEST — User can browse, add more stories, and invite more relatives to collaborate To view the another chest by the same relative, the user can use the scroll bar below, without leaving the page. User can view the complete story by clicking on the image.
  • CONVERSATION PAGE — Designed to mimic interactions around the family dinner table, the conversation tab allows users to follow the developing story as questions and missing information are answered.
  • FAMILY MAP — Users can visually see who the active storytellers are in the family each relative's picture reflecting number of stories he/she has written. By clicking on a picture, user can see his/her latest activities, statistics, and expertise.