Kosher Gourmet Rebrand

  • Recently, Six Points Restaurant Group commissioned DBD International to rebrand their two brick-and-mortar Kosher food destinations, The Dairy, and C&R Kitchen, each with its own location in the suburbs of Philly.
    The Dairy provides pizza, dairy and non-dairy gelato, take-out food items, salads and coffee while C&R Kitchen is more of an upscale sit-down restaurant modeled after a steakhouse complete with its own bar.
    Let’s say we were branding Italian food. There’s an entire history of, and a passion for, Italian cuisine. One would simply need to tap into that, find one’s own unique niche, and then design the brand to reflect those unique points of differentiation.
    The same would apply if it were Chinese, Thai, French, Mexican or Deli cuisine. Each is known for a certain flavor profile,  sensibility and expectation.
    But in this case, I was facing a “cuisine” that was more known for its ritual and standards than a flavor profile.
    When one talks about Kosher food, one is dealing with a known factor of quality, exact standards and practices of food preparation, not an expectation of taste.
    A new visual and brand vocabulary had to be created, one that conveyed, “Yes we are Kosher, but not your grandmother’s Kosher. And Kosher is the foundation of what we offer, not the end game.”
  • C&R Kitchen is an upscale steakhouse-style Kosher restaurant in Philadelphia. It required a rebrand to broaden its appeal as well as expand into a retail line of products.
  • The version of the logo for retail applications.
  • Internal signage in the new restaurant location.
  • Package design for the retail product line.
  • This is the sister brand offering dairy desserts, non-dairy gelato, pizza, coffee, salads and take-home, ready-to-heat products like lasagna and mac 'n cheese which also needed a rebrand to create brand continuity.