• Link-Link is a concentration game that
    helps the brain gain the ability to concentrate
    and deal with problems solving more efficiently
    through a new intuitive game experience.
    Link-Link was showcased at the Playcrafting Spring Expo on May 4th, 2016,
    and at Games for Change on June 23rd, 2016.
  • Concentration is a skill that helps in all walks of life, to study, read, work, drive, get tasks done, meditate, and for everything else. 
    In a word, concentration is the key to success on every level of mental activity.
    Link-Link is a brainwave arcade game that is designed for people
    who experience difficulties to focus and concentrate 
    to help increase their concentration in the context of 2d arcade game.
    It requires a player to wear a brainwave headset from Neurosky
    in order to measure the brain activity and play the game.

  • Link-Link Demo Video
  • Game Flow