• Closer
  • ▲ Life reminds me of the ocean, as deep, mysterious and noval ▲
    I tried to express the reality with the most prominent inhabitants of ocean’s, whale –
    the whole animal is harmless, tenderly beautiful and quiet. A symbol of
    eternity, sensitivity and harmony. It is characterized by inclination - to trust
    their intuition, as the voice of "the depths of consciousness."

  • JellyFsh features of these creatures, intriguing appearance and often deadly
    threat, which is skillfully hidden behind the delicate membrane, which is very
    striking as well. △ This is a creature, which needs constant movement, in
    order to preserve its own essence. It moves in harmony with the Kow of life
    and it’s example of how to communicate with the whole world’s eminent
    natural energy.

  • Everyday we try to understand and consider this reality,
    look at its Kow and movement. We are trying to Fnd peace of our souls and
    happiness – when happiness is closer and the only thing we need is to
    observe it.