• There are all of these “reality” shows that currently mock Jersey lifestyles, like Jersey Shore, Jersey Couture, and Jerseylicious. These shows portray Jersey as a somewhat bimbo state and an ignorant lifestyle. Having not really seen these shows to their full extent, I can only speak to the tune of the images and portrayals of the small clips that I have seen. These shows make a Jersey lifestyle out to be nothing more than going to the gym, tanning, doing laundry, partying, getting your hair done, buying expensive clothes, and being mentally handicapped when it comes to intellect. While although these things may be a part (a large part) of Jersey living, it is not what Jersey living solely consists of.
    My project this semester “Jersey Girls” goes behind the scenes into the actuality of my own Jersey lifestyle as I document my two best friends (and a mirror of my own life) and all that we do Jersey-style. No one takes tanning, gym, makeup, and hair quite into account as much as we do, but there is definitely more layers to us than those actors on television.
    My pictures are my attempt to capture a reality that people see as a mockery. Tanning is not some special occasion, it’s a daily event viewed just as importantly as showering or eating. Getting our nails done is not a seldom treat to ourselves in Jersey, but a vital asset to our persona and if our manicurist (Sonny) doesn’t kiss us when we leave then all hell breaks loose. Although the majority aspect of our life is humorous, we are completely serious and we own it all: we hotbox our cars, we dye our own hair, and we definitely throw the best parties.