• Looking Redesign
    Date: June 2016
    Context: Graduate, revisited
    Project Length: N/A
    The Prompt: Self assigned goal to redesign an old project

    About a year and a half ago, I worked on a group project called Looking (see original project here). That project was abbreviated and didn't allow time to focus on the execution of the idea. I decided to revisit it recently and began to redesign the app experience.
  • Looking is a conceptual, near-future app that uses wearable technology for the dating world. Once a new member has signed up for a profile, they are sent specific contact lenses (or films for glasses). These contact lenses are connected with your profile; once you lock eyes with another Looking user out and about, their picture and a prompt will alert you of your compatibility. If you meet with this person and decide you like each other, you can then unlock the rest of their profile — with their permission via the app.
  • Check back again soon as this is an ongoing personal project. Soon to come are UI animations/prototypes! Thank you for your time!