• Creativity
    The definition of creativity is different for everyone. This project is a visual essay on the definition of this word according to Chef René Redzepi. He is a chef and co-owner of the world famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. The script is part of an interview done by NOWNESS, and René gives his thoughts on what it means to be creative, not only in the culinary world but in everything we do, and where creativity comes from. Being in the creative field myself, I felt inspired to step back and think upon what creativity means to me before I visualized and designed this project. The main goal in designing this project was not to have literal imagery accompanying the script but to abstract the scenes in a more creative way.
  • This project involved a lot of mixing Photoshop cel animation and After Effects animation. The design and animation assets from Photoshop were brought into After Effects.
    Student project by Jaedoo Lee at School of Visual Arts (BFA Design 2016)
    Hyesung Park
    Design & Animation
    Jaedoo Lee