The Chinese Empress Wu Zetian

  • The Chinese Empress WuZetian
     For the School of Visual Arts Junior Thesis Show "Man-Made Monsters".
  • We Zetian, the only empress in Chinese history who was very successful politically, was known to have behaved monstrously. She murdered her newborn daughter, blamed it on the emperor's concubines, and had them killed. She saw to it that ministers who opposed her were killed or banished. As a Chinese woman from the city Shenzhen, I have been strongly influenced by traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings, also the Japanese manga. So I was interested in telling the story of Wu Zetian and images that combine the traditional and the contemporary.
  • Wu is killing her own new born baby.
  • Wu is blaming on the other concubines of the Emperor for killing her baby.
  • Wu made the concubines die miserably.
  • Wu is taking more and more of the power, and killing people that are against her.
  • Wu got the kingship after the emperor -- her husband died.
  • Empress Wu, finally got the kingship and governed the whole China (Tang dynasty).She is the one and only woman emperor in the whole Chinese history.
  • at the School of Visual Arts Chelsea gallery
  •  my work in the showthey were printed on the rice paper that gives more texture
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