Strangers - part 02

  • Things happen in New York subway.
  • The guy who has serious problem choosing proper size for his shirt.
  • At union square station platform, this gay couple wasn't ready to leave each other. The man at the left seemed to be leaving somewhere soon and cried. There are many couples during subway rides, this one is no different than any others, or, even more passionate.
  • In Gotham City, wear black.
  • The old grandpa seemed continually drifting in his thoughts... Most of the time, his eyes closed with a blessing smile on his face. The sign hanging on his neck said: “Please do not give Mr. Tawly anything…” with a telephone number.
  • "You shall not pass."
  • Keep your belongings in sight at all times.
  • In a city owning two teams with more losts than wins, it’s not easy to show your support.
  • Resting Elder.
  • A little ballerina.
    New York subway can transport lots of things, including X’mas tree...
  • Early morning, she bought herself a rose and a pot of bamboo. Responsible For Your Rose.