THE POND(2014)

  • THE POND(2014) is an interactive projection mapping project.
    I want to talk about the sustainability of our ecosystem.
    The shape of the wooden sculpture represents the Earth and its eco system.
    The wooden sculpture contains clear water with touch sensor, so the audience can interact with the sculpture when they touches the water surface on it.
    The video shows the circulation of our eco system which has a selfreconstruction.
    The development of our civilization brings the destruction of the eco system on this planet.
    However, the eco system can recover itself by time even it is hard to recognize because it's very slow.
    The video and sound is changed by audience's touching(represents humans activities to the eco system)
    The video and sound get back to normal by time(represents the eco system's ability of recovery)
    Wooden Sculpture - CNC
    Video - Adobe After Effects
    Interactive(touch sensor) - Arduino
    Video Mapping - MadMapper
    2015 Drrrt, School of Visual Arts Flat Iron Gallery, New York, NY
    2014 Code Conscious, School of Visual Arts Flat Iron Gallery, New York, NYC