Flash movies and recycling while being creative.

  • Recycling while being creative.
  • Creating print ads with the web in mind.
    Let the graphics tell the story: Keeping words to a minimum enables the web page to
    come together to form visually exciting, user-friendly web experiences. The initial planning
    is essential in making all the pieces work seamlessly together. That's why I create print
    ads with the web in mind.

  • This is just a rough comp representation of the initial graphic comprehensive design illustrating the conceptual direction, using key frames to set the mood. The dynamic key frames will be used to create interactive web pages. That's why the image is broken up into separate segments which will be interactive as you hover over and click on the separate shape.
  • "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple a day lets you play your iPod, watch movies on your iPad and take pictures with your iPhone. Have you had your Apple today?"

  • We run circles around the competition.
  • Developing preliminary comps to illustrate creative ideas is where...
    We run circles around the competition.

  • Using different clothing materials such as stockings to create sexy ladies' fashion.
  • "Getting ready for another day. It starts like any other day me throwing everything on the bed and building a mountain of clothing. What can I wear/ What goes with this? Ooh... I like this top! What goes with that? I'm running late! Got to go. Bye!
    - We will make you into a Fashionista."
  • The MTA card is "The Key to the City".
    "Go the the stadium. See the sites. Stand clear of the doors closing doors. Getting around town with the [Key to the City] - Metrocard."
  • Title: Super Vision Background scoop: George Reeves (Superman) wore
    glasses for more than just a disguise. Mood: Catching a glimpse of kryptonite’s radiation glow, while only being able to hear the crackling noise of a fire brewing
    in the background.
    Client: Any Eye Wear Company
  • EF Graphics is 100% original
  •  The puzzle-like illustration style could be incorporated seemlessly into a interactive web content page.
  • This was made using a piece of beat up wood, piece of plastic, sand, magic markers,
    and water drops with a touch of CGI. 

  • If you see anything you like you can email me at edwin.figueroa10@yahoo.com
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