Where R U From (2016)

  • Where R U From (2016) is a self-portrait of the artist’s origins, her true beginning.
    Curiosity about childbirth and chromosomal sex determination inspired the project’s narrative. 
    Consider that a man has two distinct chromosomes: X and Y, while a woman has 2 chromosomes that are the same: X and X. 
    Imagine a race then between the X and Y chromosomes. Whoever gets to the egg first decides the child’s sex!
    Filmed by JUNGHYUN PARK (junghyun903ky@gmail.com)
    Music by CBMN
    Sound Design by Wengu Hu
    Thesis Project for MFA Computer Arts in SVA
  • “Where R U from”
    By JungHyun Park (Bella)
    Scene #1
    Shot #1 (Pan Right) Long Shot
    In a bright and comfortable background, an X text flows or flies with lots of white little sperms. The many sperms follow a line to the Y text, making swirl lines.
    Shot #2 (Tilt down left) Up Shot & Close Up
     Burn in, bright dreamy colors on the background.
    The main titles go up to the center, and many white little sperms start to carry each letter the title.
    Scene #2
    Shot #3  (Zoom in) Up Shot
    A sperm with the glow X and another sperm with the glow Y are thrown in the deep vortex path.
    Shot #4  (Mid Shot)
    Many Zigzag lines in the path cover the whole screen. 
    Scene #3
    Shot #5 (Zoom out) Cut-In
    Each X and Y is walking on a side view of woman’s body. The letters are passing many the paths of villi.
    Shot #6 (Close Up)
    The villi grow up bigger and bigger.
    Scene #4
    Shot #7 (Cut-In) Two divisions of screen _ Long Shot
    The line-shape of X and Y start to race upside.
     Shot #8 (Cut-In) Close up
    They race each other by making geometric pattern lines.
    Shot #9 (Cut-In) Two divisions of screen _ Long Shot
    They reach out the final white line.
    Scene #5
    Shot #10 (Tilt up) Extreme Close Up
    The X letter with white afterimage’s effect reaches first to the X ovum with big reddish glow belt. The ovum shows a quarter size, and the screen will blink few times.
    Shot #11 (Cutaway) Mid Shot
    The X egg with belt and X letter are sticking up and down as an XX chromosome, rotating fast and glowing shiny. At that time, the background includes many generic maps.
    Scene #6
    Shot #12 (Zoom in) Cutaway
    The combining XX character starts cell divisions with like the Metaball or noise effect.
    Shot #13 (Tilt down) Mid Shot
    The Character goes through the pink-red and transparent cylinder for medical experiment.
    Scene #7
    Shot #14 (Wide Shot)
    The XX turns around and flows abstracted mushy cactus creatures, which include each genetic texture.
    Shot #15 (Mid Shot)
    The character runs at a standstill on a 2.5D runway, passing the background’s elements, which include the 9-month’s numbers calendar.
    Scene #8
    Shot #16 (Zoom Out) Long Shot
    Before the open the leg for colorful vagina, 5 positions looped white line on black screen will pass fast.
    Shot #17 (Zoom Out) Mid Shot
    Finally, the XX is coming from the woman’s colorful flatted vagina, which made of lots of geometric shapes and lines.
    Shot #18 (Tilt Down) Zoom Out 
    Background elements exchange their shapes to the fireworks for celebrating.
    The neon color firework covers the whole screen.
    Scene #9
    Shot #19 (Zoom out from Extreme Close Up)
    The XX is morphing her letter as the “I” alphabet, and it is bigger and bigger.
    Shot #20 (Mid Shot)
    “I” alphabet shakes itself with many thin colorful stems.
    Shot #21 (Zoom Out)
    “I” alphabet flies forward, and get out the screen.
    Shot #22
      Changing the background color, the ending credit goes up.