• This re-design ident is destined for convey the unforgettable image of Crunch to all the audiences. The Crunch, Crunch Fitness, is an American chain of fitness clubs founded in 1989. Crunch serves over 400,000 members with numerous owned locations in cities throughout the U.S. and in Australia. Crunch believes in holding true to a philosophy of No Judgments. They want to enhance the enterprise image by encourage, energy and entertain. Therefore, this re-brand ident possess a racy and sexy tone with realistic scene and materials. The scene is at the weight training area with the realistic 3D lifting equipments, pillars, lighting, floor, decoration and layout atmosphere in Crunch gym (Crunch W. 23rd st. New York City). It brings entirely impressive vision and strong power to all people.
    Designed By Shwenn
    Modeling Texturing Lighting By Shwenn
    Music By Barrie Gledden / Kes Loy - Cyborg Assassin