Build kindness not walls

  • As an assignment, Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman asked us to think of the 12th step of their '12 Kinds of Kindness' project as part of their class at SVA. My idea was to build a Trump wall in New York City, since there is a big amount of voters in New York and almost none of them has seen the actual dehumanizing impact of a wall.

    I collaborated with Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman to help make their project “Build Kindness Not Walls” come to life as part of their class at SVA. I collaborated with them during the concept phase and was also one of the volunteers in the protest holding up one of the signs.

    The wall was inspired by an idea by School of Visual Arts advertising student Isabelle Griffioen, and came together over the course of several weeks.
    -       ADC Global

    “We want to show people a concrete version of this thing we always hear about,” Ms. Griffioen, 24, said. “History tells us that walls never do any good.”
    -       New York Times