Oerol means everywhere

    Oerol is a Dutch theatre festival. They had gone through more than 20 logos by the time they tasked our class to re-brand it for 2015 and come up with a campaign. So I went into the archives to find their original 1984 logo. I encouraged them to re-adopt the original, as it spoke directly to the spirit of the festival.
    Via Instagram I discovered that people using the #oerol hashtag appreciated looking at normal things from different perspectives.
    Oerol means everywhere in the old Dutch Frisian dialect. The concept of this campaign was to bring the theater to the street and suprise everday people during their daily commute since Oerol uses the whole island of Terschelling as their stage. To make people look at every day things from a different perspective. This resulted in three billboard posters.
    ​We made picknick blankets to hand out at food truck festivals which you can stick together and write new stories with the poetic lines of plays.
    research on instagram
  • creative direction, production, copywriting and art direction by Isabelle Griffioen