Just Pay Phone

  • Just Pay was developed from the same source code as CameraV, an Android app that verifies photos and videos taken on mobile devices. The use case, however, is entirely different. So, we had the opportunity to imagine and build a completely different experience.

    What was previously a tool for journalist to report human rights violations, Just Pay would become a time clock for migrant workers in Georgia to prove when they worked and on which farms. Many court cases have arose concerning injustice pay to the workers. Because the farm boundaries are blurred, and the workers have little knowledge of who they are actually working for, there is a need to track their location and time, and verify where they worked and for how long. Many of the workers are illiterate, and have little to no experience using a smartphone. The design had to simple, visual and easily legible outdoors.

    Some of the basic design decisions I made was to have one action per screen, to use pictograms as the primary way to communicate the actions to be taken, and to use contrasting colors that would increase legibility outdoors.
  • Initial sketches