Mintcraft Electrical Connectors

  • Mintcraft is an electronics manufacturer specializing in wire connectors and terminals used liberally by electricians on the job. Though their products are needed daily and in large quantities, they are packaged in flimsy blister packs with an unclear organizational system denoting size, amps, and wattage.
    In rebranding Mintcraft and their packaging system, of primary concern was the readability and accessiblity of specific connectors from the perspective of a user. To this end, the connector classification system was revamped entirely - size is denoted by the height of the package, while wattage and amp ratings are displayed on the container lids. Numeric classifications are accentuated by a custom numeral set developed in concert with Mintcraft's other graphic elements. These include a new set of connector icons, displayed on top of each package for maximum readability when stored in a toolbox. The packages themselves have been reconsidered as well. Typically electricians transfer purchased terminals to an organization system of their own: the new Mintcraft packaging is robust enough to travel in toolboxes onto job sites, and doubles as reusable storage for additional connectors purchased in the future.