Peggy Guggenheim's Timeline

  • What I did is a timeline of a legendary and controversial female art patron: Peggy Guggenheim, a leading figure of the development and expanding of modern art in 20 century America. Because I admire her a lot, I made this to commemorate her. Her uncle is Solomon Guggenheim, who owned the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

    My idea is "pieces", which is standing for her whole life: she purchased artworks piece by piece crazily during WWII. She married twice to the men whom she did not really love. Her children hate her, her only daughter died because of drug overdose. Her family situation was definitely in pieces.

    So I designed a brochure based on this idea. I wanted it look more like a piece architecture or installation than just a normal, flat booklet. The front cover is made up by interior pages, which are in different sizes, but still showing unity.

    The cover is her portrait, taken by Man Ray. The organic, geometric shapes on her face, are inspired by her collections. Such as Jean Arp's paintings, Henry Moore’s sculptures, Antoine Pevsner’s installation…They are all important art pieces in her life.