Bits of Type Promotional Video

  • “Bits of Type” is a book/brand celebrating the strange connection between typography and video games, specifically during the 1980's and early 1990's.

    Running the visual gamut from two dimensional PONG to modern polygonal rendering technology, the brilliant audio work “Mind Phuck”, by Known to be Lethal, makes an ideal soundtrack. Exploding from the classic chiptune range into an intense variation on dub-step, the soundtrack and video together capture over 20 years of video game evolution in just over 30 seconds. All the while maintaining an exclusively typographic palette.
  • Even though things changed while animating, the story board helped direct the original concept.
  • The typography condensing into a singular dot stayed in at both points, and well as the fly-around camera work.
  • Even when the words aren't written yet, placeholders can easily be edited later.