"Untitled" 未命名

  • 人们总是给各种各样的事物各种定义,包括对自己的定义。我们每次用一个词的时候都应赋予这个词新的定义。  如果我们说你是个女孩,你不是个在小说,历史或电视媒体里出现过的“一个女孩”。你是一个女孩,就是现实存在的。他人与自我目光交错,无法正确投射到真实的自我上面。不同的想法碾压着你。
    People like to give definition to everything, and they give definition to themselves based on existing definitions of other things.  We should give a word a new definition every time we use it.  If we call you a girl, you are not a girl who has appeared on anything before.  You are "a girl" who is standing in front of the people and do your thing.  We exist in the gap where people's vision and our own vision will meet.  The differences grind me and I struggle through them.